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MenAlive offers programs which enable men to explore their vital vocation and role as fathers, or fathers-to-be.

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Events in 2020:
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Interested in hosting a gathering of fathers at your school? It need not be complicated! A simple, workable format used at St Patrick’s consisted of:

  • 6.30 BBQ – beer & snags
  • 7.00 Speaker/s
  • 7.30 Discussion
  • 8.00 Finish

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Men’s Gathering at St Patricks School Asquith
On 8 August, twenty fathers gathered at St Patrick’s Catholic School at Asquith for its first men’s gathering. The evening commenced with a BBQ and was followed by some guest speakers and discussion. The speakers included Catholic singer and educator, Andrew Chinn, Dan Mulvany, a parent of two children at St Patrick’s School, and Father John Frauenfelder, from the Catholic Schools Office.

The speakers shared with the group on the topic of finding God in the busyness of their lives. Following this, there was time for questions and discussion.  The men who gathered found the night very valuable, with a number of the men asking when the next night would be happening.

“We often offer opportunities for women to come together and talk,” said Principal of St Patrick’s, Bernard Cumming, “but we don’t offer much for our men, especially on the topic of our faith.  This was an opportunity for the men to come together, have a chat with one another, and join in a discussion about our faith.”