About the E-Bulletin

Weekly faith-tips

A weekly e-Bulletin is available for every parent with a child enrolled in schools of the Diocese of Broken Bay. It takes just 30sec to read the bulletin on your smart phone. It suggests a practical step you can take at home this week to support your child’s growth in faith and love. Links are provided for those who wish to explore the topic further.

How does it work? Each week an e-Bulletin is sent to schools. They can then forward the e-Bulletin to parents directly and/or place a link to the e-Bulletin in their newsletters.


My child’s school hasn’t begun using this service yet; can I subscribe myself as an individual?

  • Yes, individuals can be placed directly on the CSO mailing list using this link.

Can my friend subscribe? She is a parent from another diocese.

  • Yes, subscribers beyond Broken Bay Diocese are welcome, they can sign up using this link.

Can I opt out of this service?

  • Yes you can opt out, in the usual way. We encourage you to trial the e-Bulletin for several weeks.

Can school personnel use the e-Bulletin content for other purposes, e.g., the school newsletter?

  • Yes! The content can be freely shared and used by schools and parishes in Broken Bay Diocese. All the bulletin content will be available on this website in due course.