Retreat Ideas


As part of ‘Walking the Way’, the CSO invites and encourages parents to undertake an annual retreat. What do we mean by ‘annual retreat’? Set aside at least one day of the year devoted to your own personal spiritual renewal… for the sake of your child. In other words, I can’t impart what I don’t have and live myself. If I want to be a wise companion to my children in their journey of faith, I need to be taking deliberate steps along the path myself.

How might one spend a day’s retreat? Broken Bay CSO offers a day of reflection for parents. However you needn’t be restricted to this option. There are many and varied ways by which people express their spirituality. This page offers a range of ideas drawn from the wider church community. There are many more. Also, the invitation to undertake an annual retreat presumes respect for those parents who come from a tradition other than Christianity. Find a spirituality opportunity that resonates with you, check it out, mark your diary, book it in!

Retreat Centres

Reflection Days

Retreats by Australian Christian Meditation Community. Various venues in Australia.

Heart Conferences for Women

MenAlive – Experiences of reflection specifically for men.  Article

Eremos: Retreats & Spirituality Events

Time out for couples

Smart Loving – Weekend retreats and other resources for the enrichment of engaged couples and married couples.

The Marriage Project. Events to support married couples in their journey in faith and love.

Marriage Encounter Weekends. A weekend for married couples to renew their love and strengthen their communication skills.

Couples for Christ. A Christian family life renewal program with a core focus on the husband-wife relationship.

Break-through Workshop: Three hour online workshop for marriages under stress.